11.-12.07.2020 Weatherstock XII Concert Series (Landroval)

Wir sind wieder mit von der Partie bei den WCS diesen Jahres. Hier sind alle Termine aufgeführt. Wie immer bitte 6 Stunden zu den angegebenen Zeiten dazurechnen.


Samstag, 11.07. ab 18:30 Uhr unserer Zeit
Noon – The HOPE
12:30pm – The Arda
1:00pm – Polnolunie
1:30pm – Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
2:00pm – The Rolling Kegs
2:30pm – The Daft Willow Soul Orchestra
3:00pm – Starlight
3:30pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
4:00pm – Les Ordinaires
4:30pm – Les Gardiens
5:00pm – No Whole Bard
5:30pm – The Country Bluegrass Band
6:00pm – GoblinFyre’s Essence of Rhythm
6:30pm – DisEnchanted
7:00pm – Shire Shenanigans
7:30pm – RKO (Runic Knights Orchestra)
8:00pm – The Teedees


Sonntag, 12.07. ab 17:30 Uhr unserer Zeit
11:30am – Mondbarden (17:30 Uhr)
Noon – Department of Harmony and Song
12:30pm – The Midnight Owl Band
1:00pm – The Fluffy Unicorns
1:30pm – Mardi Gras Party Band
2:00pm – Lindamar
2:30pm – House of Harps
3:00pm – Calibouge Sound
3:30pm – Playwrights of Eldamar
4:00pm – The Remediators
4:30pm – The Tones
5:00pm – Blue Mountains Band
5:30pm – Legendary Tunes
6:00pm – The Grayhawke Band
6:30pm – The Leezard Kings
7:00pm – Fortnight May
7:30pm – Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band